Separatism by Nats looms as election issue

Casey-Costello-1_1467766472_480X532_c_c_0_0.jpgNine years of a National Party Government pandering to separatist demands will be an issue voters will consider in next year’s general election, Auckland business manager Casey Costello said today.

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Littlewood treaty to disappear

By Mike Butler

Mike-Butler_1467521879_480X532_c_c_0_0.jpgThe document that is most likely the final English draft from which the Treaty of Waitangi was translated into Maori will quietly be buried in archives when a new exhibition of “iconic constitutional documents” opens next year at the National Library opposite Parliament Buildings. 

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Why other Kiwis must stop fawning to the shrill cries of Maori

Dr-Brian-McDonnell-e1469439145762.jpgA New Zealand academic of Maori, Irish and French descent believes the pendulum has swung too far in redressing Maori grievances.

Dr Brian McDonnell, a senior lecturer in film studies at Massey University, says New Zealand's polite middle ground has become too fawning and the government too accommodating to the shrill cries of extremists.

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Standing up for Democracy

Muriel-Newman-e1469439053285.jpgDemocracy, which means “rule by the people”, has Greek origins. It arose in response to the abuse of power by rulers. In essence there are four key elements to a well-functioning democracy – free and fair elections, the active participation of citizens in political and civic life, the protection of human rights, and a commitment to the rule of law – to ensure that all citizens are treated equally.

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Unitary Plan Could Be Constitutional Disgrace

It would be a constitutional disgrace if Auckland Council delegated the adoption of the Unitary Plan to its Development Committee. According to an NBR report the Council is considering delegating the decisions to its Development Committee, which includes members of the Independent Maori Statutory Board, who are unelected by and therefore unaccountable to the wider community.

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A Grab for the Gulf


The feeling of having been totally out-manoeuvred has become a common sensation amongst Auckland regional ratepayers – and they don’t know half of what is going on. This powerlessness extends to some of the well-meaning City Councillors who thought they were being elected to work for the people; they now see themselves as fall guys, taking the rap for conniving bureaucrats, greedy iwi and unscrupulous politicians.

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Maori fed up with Waitangi Tribunal


It may surprise many New Zealanders that a growing number of Maori are fed up with the Waitangi Tribunal and the entire Treaty Gravy train. There is a stereotype of Maori collecting millions of dollars in settlement money and living the easy life. The reality is very different. Here are a few facts.

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