Our goal is to remove from law and practice any race-based discrimination in governance and property rights.




Vote 2019

Late in 2017 Councillors in five regions voted, without seeking prior public approval, to establish separate Maori wards. As a result, dedicated locals, supported by Hobson's Pledge, were forced to collect the required number of signatures to force binding referenda to see what the public actually thought. And the results were clear: the public rejected race based wards in Palmerston North (68.8%), Western Bay of Plenty (78.2%), Whakatane (56.4%), Manawatu (77%), and Kaikoura (80%). 

Since then, Hastings District and Otago Regional Councils circumvented public opinion by appointing Maori with voting rights to Council committees.

But it is expensive and time consuming to gather signatures for referenda, and very difficult to challenge Council appointees. The best way to avoid creating a Council that treats its citizens as members of a particular ethnicity (which apparently are all alike and think the same way), rather than as individuals, is to vote for candidates who reject racial separatism.

Know your candidates

We will be endeavouring to list candidates' stance on Maori Wards, Maori Appointees and other race based issues. Please click here for further information

Ihumatao protest: please sign our petition asking Government to uphold the Treaty settlement, and police to evict the protesters

In 2015, the Ihumatao iwi Te Kawerau a Maki agreed to a full and final settlement of all their grievances and received financial redress of $6.5 million, plus forestry, forestry rentals and more. Fletchers bought private land in the area and announced plans to build 480 homes, 40 of which were to be given to Te Kawerau a Maki. But a member of that iwi (against the will of the elders) started a land occupation demanding that the Government buy the land to keep it as is.

If the Government caves in to protesters and buys the land, this will open the floodgates to similar protests, trash Treaty settlements, and erode private property rights.


Please sign our petition welcoming the Endeavour replica to New Zealand

In October 1769 Captain James Cook and the crew of his ship the Endeavour anchored in Mercury Bay near Coromandel. Cook and his men were the first Europeans to explore the country and interact with Māori. 

But some want to cancel the ship's visit, claiming that racism began here with the arrival of James Cook. This has even spilled over into an attack on Cook's statue. We think this is absurd - we should celebrate our collective heritage and culture. 

Councillors vote to allow Ngai Tahu two voting appointees on Otago Regional Council's powerful planning committee

The seven-three vote at the Otago Regional Council yesterday to include two voting un-elected tribal appointees on its policy committee shows race-based preferential treatment in action, Hobson’s Pledge spokesman Don Brash said today... Read more

National, New Zealand First and ACT join to defeat Ngai Tahu Representation Bill

On Wednesday evening, in a surprise move, National, New Zealand First and ACT MPs defeated the Canterbury Regional Council (Ngai Tahu Representation) Bill, a Bill that would have granted unelected members of Ngai Tahu the right to sit and vote on the Regional Council. In the wake of the Christchurch massacre this vote was symbolic of our need for unity.  Unity, the sense that we are New Zealanders ahead of any particular identity, can only be maintained if we share the same democratic rights....Read more 

Entrenched seats a political absurdity

Te Tai Tonga MP Rino Tirakatene’s Electoral (Entrenchment of Māori Seats) Amendment Bill will, if passed, require a 75% majority in Parliament to disestablish the Maori seats....Read more

Hijacking the Treaty

Click here to view Don Brash: is the Crown-Maori partnership a hijacking of the Treaty? on YouTube.

Minister, we're in this together - please talk to all of us!

Dear Minister, 
We believe that the Government’s move to establish a ministerial responsibility for reviewing the relationship between the Crown and Maori is fraught with danger because it entrenches the notion that the Crown and Maori somehow exist as separate groups in partnership with each other...Read more

Iwi rights to fresh water on the government's agenda again

The Hobson's Pledge position on fresh water is that it is there for the benefit of everyone, irrespective of ethnicity, and that a special deal for Maori is out of the question... Read more

Marine and coastal area: first marine and coastal area agreement sets precedent for decades of fresh treaty negotiations

The first Agreement negotiated under the Marine and Coastal Area (Tukutai Moana) Act 2011 not only confirms widely raised fears of the Crown’s failure to represent the public interest but sets a precedent for fresh rounds of Treaty style negotiations... Read more



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