Appeaser Nats’ iwi clauses put tribes above citizens


The National-Maori government – possibly TODAY – are about to pass a bill that amounts to a major surrender of your country to the tribal elites.

The Resource Legislation Amendment Bill will give every tribe and every sub-tribe the power of veto over every resource consent decision in every council in New Zealand.

If you think red tape is a problem, wait till you see what brown tape’s going to do.

And don’t take our word for it. Read what the Maori Party are telling their own Facebook supporters.

They wrote that "negotiations aren't always about what we can get. Sometimes they are about what we can stop".

Environment Minister Nick Smith confirms that the Mana Whakahono a Rohe clauses in the Resource Legislation Amendment Bill will include iwi appointees in plan making, consenting, appointing committees, monitoring and enforcing bylaws.

Iwi will also be involved in the allocation of your drinking water.

These clauses were agreed behind closed doors, with no public consultation, no warning, and no published meeting agendas or minutes.

Respected constitutional lawyer Stephen Franks confirms the gravity of the situation:

He said that “the provisions are a major constitutional change. They subordinate powers entrusted to elected local governments, in deliberately obscure words, to racially inherited power, beyond the reach of electoral recall.”

The dumb thing about these new clauses is that to appease the Maori Party, these amendments will slow down every resource consent when the purpose of the reform was to speed them up.