ACT Party responses to Hobson's Pledge questions on race based policies, September 2017.


Do you support the democratic principle that the Government should treat all citizens equally in law, irrespective of ethnicity? (A yes or no answer would be appreciated).


Race-based Government

We are regularly told that race-based appointments at governance level are necessary for “Maori” to have a voice. Can you please explain what particular aspects of being Maori are so unique or beyond reproach that democracy’s principles of equal citizenship should be subverted?

We do not believe equal citizenship should be subverted.

Fresh water

Do you support tribal elite claims to own, control, allocate, or tax fresh water?



·  Do you support tax exemptions for tribal businesses?

·  No.

·  Do you think it’s fair that tax-paying businesses are competing with tribal businesses which don’t pay any tax?

·  No

Foreshore and seabed:

National’s Marine and Coastal Area (Takutai Moana) Act 2011 has resulted in approximately 580 claims this year, covering every centimetre of New Zealand’s coastline, including the very busy Waitemata and Manukau Harbours and the Hauraki Gulf. The process alone will cost taxpayers millions, before any settlements. Do you support this process?

No, the ACT Party voted against the Marine and Coastal Area Act.

Co-governance of harbours

Where do you stand on co-governance (50% elected representatives and 50% tribal appointees) of New Zealand’s commercial and recreational harbours such as Tauranga (which is happening) and the Waitemata and Manukau Harbours (which is in the pipeline)?

We oppose co-governance.

Local government

·  Do you support unelected/unaccountable tribal appointees voting on local government committees?

·  No.

·  Do you support unelected/unaccountable tribal elite having preferential influence on planning & resource management consents?

·  No, we voted against the latest amendment to the Resource Management Act.

·  Auckland’s Independent Maori Statutory Board has resulted in significant expense and mismanagement, while doing nothing to improve the lot of Maori Aucklanders. Do you support its dissolution?

·  Yes.

·  Do you support or oppose Māori wards and Māori seats in local government?

·  We oppose.


The Government-appointed Education Council now requires Teachers to  demonstrate and model their commitment to a bicultural partnership, affirm Maori learners as tangata whenua, practice and develop the use of te reo, design and plan approaches which reflect the bicultural partnership in Aotearoa New Zealand, demonstrate respect for Maori beliefs, language, culture and customary protocols and affirm the Maori world view.

·  Can you please explain how forcing teachers to do all this will ensure our children’s education will be of world standard?

·  It won’t, but ACT’s policy to pay good teachers more if they leave the union collective will.

·  Can you explain how a maths teacher complying with this will ensure our children are competent in maths?

·  No it won’t.

·  Can you please explain what the “Maori world view” is?

·  No, there are many world views in New Zealand and we don’t believe that they fall along racial lines.

·  Can you please explain what specific “ Maori beliefs, language, culture and customary protocols” teachers are required to demonstrate respect for?

·  No one can.


The National Party/Maori Party Government has implemented significant race-based legislation.

·  Can you name one country in the world that has enjoyed peace and prosperity under race-based or tribal-based government or laws?

·  No.

·  Can you name one ethnicity in the world that has generally progressed in terms of health, education and ability under race-based or tribal-based government or laws?

·  No.

No improvement to Maori negative social indicators

The Maori economy is now estimated to be worth $50 billion and getting bigger by the day. Many tribal businesses have been structured as charities to avoid paying tax, and many tribal appointees are enjoying big paying, race-based jobs - consulting, giving approvals and co-governing us.

How is it then that there’s been no trickle down to everyday Maori and no improvement in all the often-quoted negative social indicators?

·  How settlements are allocated and the benefits of is a question to ask the iwi leader themselves.

Maori electoral roll

There are currently 25 Members of Parliament with Maori ancestry. Eighteen are elected or list MPs on the general roll. Seven are elected to Maori seats. The total number of MPs with Maori ancestry is around 20 percent of the total number of MPs. Maori make up only 14.9 percent of the total population. Do you support or oppose the extra, race-based Maori seats and the Maori electoral roll?

·  ACT opposes the Maori seats.

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