Thank you for signing our petitions

Thank you for signing our petition, either against the underhand attempt to change our nation’s name from New Zealand to “Aotearoa”, or against the equally underhand attempt to set up two governments, one for Maori and one for everyone else.

Many of you will have signed both petitions.

You have helped gather more than 19,200 signatures on our petition that calls on Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern to have “Aotearoa” removed from official use until a binding referendum is held to decide whether or not to proceed with changing the name of New Zealand.

You have also helped gather more than 18,900 signatures on our petition calling on the Prime Minister to reject outright and cease implementing all aspects of the two-government plan as described in document titled He Puapua that is posted on the Maori Development Ministry website.

Hobson’s Pledge spokesperson Casey Costello pointed out the risk of changing the nation’s name when she said “tourism and all exporters use the correct name in promotions and trade discussions involving people who live around the world because our country is known as New Zealand.”

Co-spokesperson Don Brash said that “a plan for two governments in New Zealand, one for Maori and one for everyone else, monitored by a tribal committee, is a major constitutional change that can’t be sneaked into existence”.

The New Zealand Not Aotearoa petition may be signed at

The petition to stop two-government tribal rule may be signed at

Meanwhile, we will keep you informed about progress with the petition and about the other issues that Hobson’s Pledge supporters are working on. Many thanks.

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