Hone, violence is not OK, remember?

The message that violence is not OK apparently hasn’t got through to former MP Hone Harawira, who called for vigilante justice after seeing images of people participating in a Taranaki A&P parade in blackface

"Blackface down the main street of a major provincial town in this country. You'd think you shouldn't have to do this stuff anymore, and yet they carry on," he told Newshub.

"If... my friends who are academic are going to get outraged by what's happened here and are going to write screeds and screeds of letters and submissions and complaints etcetera, etcetera, you know sometimes it's easier in my view to just to stop the trail and give them a good f**king hiding. Put an end to it right there and then."

Harawira’s outburst came days after Upper Hutt Posse front man Dean Hapeta delivered an anti-Semitic, anti-United States rant after recognition at the Vodafone NZ Music Awards and that was broadcast on prime-time television without question, with at least one media person giving enthusiastic support.

We have a problem when leaders advocate violence and the media either gives support or does nothing.

See https://www.newshub.co.nz/home/new-zealand/2018/11/vigilante-justice-needed-over-lions-club-blackface-debacle-hone-harawira.html

Help return your beach to public ownership

Your beach is included in almost 600 overlapping claims that have been lodged covering every square inch of the coast several times over.

This is despite being told that under National's Marine and Coastal Area Act 2011 there would be only a few claims in remote areas.  See https://www.hobsonspledge.nz/coastal_area_claims_undermine_equal_rights_in_nz

There are four things you can do to help return your beach to public ownership:

  1. Help to raise awareness by telling others what's going on, writing letters to newspapers, calling talkback radio, and sharing information on social media.
    2. Contact MPs to ask them to repeal the law and restore public ownership of the coast. You can write a letter (freepost) to MPs, c/o Parliament Buildings, Wellington, or email them using: [email protected]
    3. Find out more about the claims process by visiting the New Zealand Centre for Political Research website at www.nzcpr.com/claims.
    4. Download and print (either in colour or black & white) the attractive NZCPR flyer and HELP WITH A MAIL BOX DROP. Download link here > https://www.nzcpr.com/…/Return-the-Coast-to-Public-Ownershi…

Iwi may take over Porirua state houses

Residents in 900 Porirua state houses have been told that the local tribe, Ngati Toa, could become their property managers for at least the next 25 years with options for the tribe to buy the properties.

The proposal is part of a $1.5 billion programme for the eastern suburbs of Cannons Creek and Waitangirua, announced this month in which 2900 state houses would be renovated, 2000 KiwiBuild homes constructed, and an extra 150 state homes built.

As part of their $75 million Treaty settlement, Ngati Toa has the right of first refusal on approximately 3200 Housing New Zealand properties in Porirua and Lower Hutt for 169 years.

The extreme generosity of Treaty settlements made by the former Minister, Christopher Finlayson, under the former National Government, is starting to become apparent.


Ngai Tahu and children in care

Ngai Tahu, the white South Island “tribe” that has received $437-million in Treaty settlements since 1998, wants to stay in partnership with Oranga Tamariki until no Ngai Tahu child remains in state care, according to the tribe's chief executive, Arihia Bennett.

The number of Ngai Tahu children in the care of the former Child, Youth and Family is unclear as the figures are withheld “to protect the privacy of iwi ancestors”, according to a response to questions under the Official Information Act.

In total, more than 4300 of the children in Oranga Tamariki care are Maori, making up about 68 per cent of the overall number. 

Under the partnership plan, which is the first between a tribe and Oranga Tamariki, efforts would be made to recruit more Ngai Tahu-affiliated carers to take on children uplifted or requiring care.

The partnership could later focus on stemming the flow of Ngai Tahu children going into care, improving support for children in care, and improving their transition into independence

Extreme care would be required in such a plan because if you take an abused child from one abuser and he ends up being placed with the person who taught the abuser how to abuse, the cycle of abuse remains.

See https://i.stuff.co.nz/national/108530355/ngi-tahu-partners-with-oranga-tamariki-to-reduce-number-of-mori-children-in-state-care

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