Taxinda nudges Hobson’s Pledge out of limelight

The new Labour leader’s threat of yet-to-be-specified widespread taxes has turned the general election into a close race with voters prioritising financial survival over disgust at years of race-based policy.

We at Hobson’s Pledge set out to express our opposition to Government policies which take us down a racist path. We said we would provide financial support to any political party, or parties, which will have an influence after the next election and are willing to make a commitment to one law for all.

A number of generous donations enabled us to express that opposition through a website, through social media, through media advertising, through public meetings and through any other opportunities which presented themselves.

Our launch last September sparked what one member of the media establishment described as “Hobson’s Pledge induced rage”. This in itself sheds a bit of light on the problem New Zealand has with agenda-driven reporters and editors.

For instance, a Labour Party activist last week got wall-to-wall coverage when he demanded that a statue in Otahuhu be removed because it honoured a wicked white coloniser. He achieved a commitment from the Auckland mayor to make the statue politically correct.

But we have sent out media releases every week for a year that never see the light of day because the media establishment does not like what we have to say.

The problem is that the media, which wields a very significant influence on our society, has deemed that issues that Hobson’s Pledge has raised are off limits and beyond scrutiny, and that in itself creates the shadowy realm where corruption can grow.

So, as election day draws near, we wish you well as you cast your two votes and sincerely hope that the next government favours effective policy over political correctness, so we all can have a brighter future.

Our ads have strongly suggested not voting for National, Labour or the Greens if you want an end to race-based policies.  The only parties now in Parliament which seem committed to ending race-based policies are NZ First and ACT.”   That doesn’t constitute an endorsement - simply a statement of fact.

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Authorised by C. Costello, Hobson's Pledge Trust, Suite 311, 184 Symonds Street, Auckland 1010, New Zealand.