Silence is compliance

This is a brief update on developments since you signed our petition rejecting He Puapua, which is Labour’s plan to establish two governments in New Zealand by 2040, under which tribal elites will exercise authority over all major aspects of New Zealand’s governance.

It is now clear that Labour is rapidly implementing its radical race-based agenda without seeking our consent.

In February, we lost our right to petition for binding referenda on Maori wards when the Minister of Local Government, Nanaia Mahuta, changed the Local Electoral Act retrospectively after locals in a number of councils had collected enough signatures to demand a vote.

Minister Mahuta knows that New Zealanders do not support racial separatism.

Then the Government announced plans for two health systems – one for Maori New Zealanders and one for the rest of us, and with the Maori Health Authority having a veto over what the general health authority does. 

Now, Labour is pushing through their Three Waters Plan that would confiscate water assets from local communities, handing the business of water management to four mega-authorities under 50/50 council/iwi control.

This means that iwi, which are private tribal groups that claim to represent just 15 percent of our population, would gain a 50 percent control of the management of all New Zealand water services.

Cabinet papers reveal that Labour has had 60 consultation meetings with Maori groups over the Three Waters Plan. Yet to date there has been little or no consultation with everyone else despite provisions of the Local Government Act requiring councils to consult with all members of the public – not just Maori.

The quiet implementation of He Puapua looks like a silent constitutional revolution.

Saying nothing legitimises He Puapua.

What you can do:  Please email or, better still, phone your local councillor and let them know that you strongly object to the Three Waters plan. Remember – silence equals consent.

Forward this email to your friends, family and colleagues. Ask them to sign our petition at

Thank you.