Poll: 91% want equal treatment despite ethnicity

A total 91.1 percent of us support the idea that the Government should treat all of us equally at law irrespective of ethnicity, a poll commissioned by Hobson’s Pledge released today revealed.

The poll, conducted by Auckland researchers PureProfile, surveyed a demographically representative sample of 1000 men and women, Maori and non-Maori, throughout New Zealand in the second week of this month.

A slim group of 4.2 percent opposed the idea, while 4.7 percent did not have an opinion, spokesman Don Brash said.

A full 68.8 percent opposed tax exemptions for tribal businesses, 57.8 percent opposed Maori groups’ ability to claim customary marine title to New Zealand coastal areas, and 54.4 percent opposed unelected tribal appointees voting on local government committees.

There were significant numbers of “don’t knows” with 18 percent having no opinion on tribal tax exemptions, 19.5 percent having no opinion on the marine and coastal area, 31.1 percent venturing no opinion on giving unelected tribal appointees voting rights in local government.

The high number of don’t knows, also reflected in a recent ConsumerLink survey for the New Zealand Herald, increases unpredictability in the coming election, Dr Brash said.

The 91.1 percent figure showing high support for equal treatment irrespective of ethnicity prompted the creation by Hobson’s Pledge of the Twitter hashtag known as #HP91.

The poll results were advertised in the Sunday Star Times newspaper today.

The announcement by Winston Peters last Sunday that New Zealand First would require a binding referendum on whether or not to retain the Maori electorates shows that a significant concern of Hobson’s Pledge has become an election issue, Dr Brash said.

A binding referendum on the Maori seats is a foundation issue for Hobson’s Pledge.

Hobson’s Pledge is also raising awareness about the problems associated with tribal appointees in local government, race-based policy, treaty clauses in legislation, rogue recommendations by the Waitangi Tribunal, iwi claims for water ownership, and the unfair tax exemption for tribal businesses.

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