Once we were one


by Andy Oakley

In this book Andy Oakley, the author of "Cannons Creek to Waitangi", exposes the fraud of the New Zealand government in the 21st century continuing to transfer wealth, rights and public resources from the general public into the hands of a small tribal elite composed of people who have more European blood in them than Maori. Some of them are more than 96% European and yet they continue to receive race based privileges and special funding not available to others. Having grown up in the low income suburb of Cannons Creek, near Wellington, the author has strong views about this continuing enrichment of a small elite on a purely racial basis while those in real need - both Maori and European - are missing out.

And he is not afraid of naming and exposing some of the greediest of these "pseudo-Maoris" with their hands out for whatever they can get. Stressing that government assistance to anybody should be on the basis of need rather than race, he proposes a better and fairer society than the path of apartheid that New Zealand is blindly walking down. If New Zealanders ignore the message of this book, they do so at their peril.

Once We Were One: the Fraud of Modern Separatism

Andy Oakley

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