National could match referendum promise

Labour has yet another leader and the Green Party is overrun with a leader’s past indiscretions, what is the National Party about to do? One thing they could do would be to match the promise made by Winston Peters to hold a binding referendum of all voters on the future of the Maori seats.

This could stem the flow of National voters, disillusioned with the party’s race-based policies that are dividing New Zealand, to New Zealand First.

The UMR Research that sparked Labour’s leadership change had New Zealand First on 16 percent, the Greens on 15 percent, and National slipping to 42 percent. See

In 2003 Bill English pledged, at the annual conference of the Lower North Island region of the National Party, that a future National Government would scrap Maori electorates.

Since one law for all used to be National’s policy, the timing is right to do it now, with Maori more than adequately represented in Parliament.

Incidentally, the new-look Labour Party has ruled out a referendum on Maori seats, which probably rules them out from working with New Zealand First. See


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