Brash: No justification for race-based spectrum give-away

There is not the slightest justification for allocating any resource which is the common property of all New Zealanders on the basis of race, Hobson’s Pledge spokesman Don Brash said today.  

In a deal announced yesterday, Telcos will be able to bid for 160MHz of the "early release" spectrum, with 50MHz set aside for Maori.

The rights would only apply until the end of October 2022, although industry sources said it was assumed Māori would also receive 50MHz of the long-term rights in the band.

“This Government seems hell-bent on building a state where Maori have different and preferential rights and privileges.  In South Africa, we called it apartheid,” Dr Brash said.

“Why is the Government proposing to allocate any part of the 5G spectrum on racial grounds?” he said.

“The 5G spectrum is a resource for all New Zealanders which should be allocated by the Government without regard to race,” Dr Brash said.

“If to Maori, why not reserve some for Asians, some for Pacific Islanders, and some for Europeans?” he said.