You won't believe the email Greenpeace sent

A Hobson's Pledge supporter sent through this email they received from Greenpeace over the weekend. We've jotted a few thoughts down in the margins!

Aside from making assertions about the Treaty Principles Bill, a Bill no one has read yet, Greenpeace has waded into a political debate, advancing a political view that is not only unconnected to their purpose but will only benefit a small section of the public, putting their charitable status at risk.

We have seen other charities lose their status for much less.

I personally know of several supporters of Hobson's Pledge who have had to depart from supporting Greenpeace despite long term support because of their detour into race matters.

There are two things you can do to tell Greenpeace to stay in their lane:

1. Take Greenpeace's survey and tell them you don't support their involvement in race politics.

2. Send a complaint to Charities Services pointing out that their stated charitable purpose does not mention the Treaty or race relations.


New Zealand needs a robust and reasoned discussion about race and the Treaty, but we can't have people running charities inserting their own politics into them and turning them into de facto leftist activist groups.

Those invested in New Zealand becoming an ethnostate will pull every dirty trick in the book and we have to be ready to take action.  

Take the survey and lodge a complaint by clicking the buttons below.


Thank you for your support,

Don Brash