What should National prioritise in order to end division?

From the moment the first numbers came in on Saturday evening, those of us hoping for a change of Government could take a deep breath. New Zealand had voted for change. 

Over the coming days, there will be much hype and analysis over how the next Government will be formed and who will hold key positions.

Regardless of how it plays out, we know that a majority of New Zealanders voted for parties that have committed to undoing the race-based division that has been forced upon New Zealanders over the past six years.

BUT, our work is not over. Far from it.

Over the next few weeks, we will work through the policy commitments made and make sure that we are ready to keep the pressure on National, Act, and New Zealand First, so that these commitments are realised.

We cannot be complacent. National Governments have historically had a tendency to pick up where Labour left off rather than reset according to the mandate they have from voters. 

Now is not the time to take our foot off the pedal.

As this new Government is formed and coalition talks progress, National must prioritise:

  1. Delivery of health services on the basis of need, not race.
  2. Dismantling of the Maori Health Authority.
  3. Removing of co-governance.
  4. Protecting the name of our country: New Zealand.
  5. Rewriting the ahistorical history curriculum for schools.
  6. Returning to use of English in public service, road signage etc.
  7. Resolving the increasing conflict around the role of tikanga in law.
  8. Re-establishing the right of ratepayers to decide whether to have Maori wards

I know that there needs to be a pause while the incoming Government sets the wheels in motion, but we shouldn't allow ourselves to get distracted or complacent.

With your support, Hobson's Pledge can play an important role in holding this new Government to the promises it has made.