Vote "NO" to Maori wards

Last year Councillors in Palmerston North, Kaikoura, Manawatu, Whakatane and Western Bay of Plenty districts decided that ratepayers on the Maori electoral roll would be forced to vote in separate Maori wards.

We challenged the Councillors and voters overwhelmingly voted "No" to separate Maori wards. 

Our sincere thanks to the many volunteers who tirelessly worked on behalf of the cause.

Hobson’s Pledge believes:

  • Maori wards are not necessary for Council decisions which are mainly to do with roads, drinking water, sewage, parks and venues, which are for the benefit of everyone irrespective of their ancestry
  • We all have the ability to represent our communities through democratic elections on merit. It is demeaning and patronising to suggest that Maori need special assistance
  • Separating us into "Maori" and the "rest of us" is divisive and will damage our communities


Vote "NO" to separate Maori wards

Click here to hear Ron Mark's excellent speech against the Maori Party's Local Electoral (Equitable Process for establishing Maori Wards and Maori Constituencies) Bill in June 2017. The Bill presupposes that all Maori think alike". Fortunately the Bill was defeated.


Councillors supporting Separatism

Click here to view our listing of Local Body Councillors who have voted in support of separate Maori wards

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