Under a month until voting starts - take action

Undoubtedly, your inbox is overflowing with emails and directives regarding voting and election promises.

But rather than talking about what candidates will do for you, I want to talk about what you can do! This email outlines something you can do to make sure this election delivers an accountable Government that has no wriggle room when it comes to our democracy.  


As you know, Hobson’s Pledge believes that the critical issue affecting New Zealand's future is the steady implementation, by this Labour Government, of systems that undermine our democracy.

To push back, we urge you to attend as many candidate meetings as you can and ask direct questions.

Action 1: Ask Questions at Candidate Meetings

Remember, as tempting as it is to give your own opinions, it is best to keep questions short and to the point. You want to gather information to determine the candidates' position.

Here are some questions you can ask:

  • What are your views on co-governance?
  • How do you plan to address the impact of co-governance on our society if elected?
  • Do you believe in one person one vote?
  • What specific measures will you take to protect and strengthen democratic values?
  • What specific policies or initiatives do you propose to ensure that access to public services and opportunities is based on fairness and need rather than race or ethnicity?

Take action: Election 2023

You will get a lot of double-speak in response from those who are wanting to see our democracy traded off in order to appear to be honouring a misinterpretation of the Treaty of Waitangi. We need more than virtue signalling this election!

The double-speak was clearly evident in an email sent out a few days ago by Labour’s Duncan Webb in which he attempted to defend co-governance by putting to rest “a few myths and fears”.

I was compelled to challenge the content of that email as, quite frankly, it was a pathetic attempt to justify co-governance.


Those who argue for the erosion of our democracy under the guise of co-governance like to frame its opponents as fearful or racist. None of us have a concern about Maori having elected authority and in fact we proudly celebrate the inclusivity of our Parliament.

But we have no future as a country if we start preferring people based on who their ancestors were.  We need the very best people who are authorised through elections and can be voted out for failing to deliver what is promised.

So please, make sure your candidates know what voters want!

Ask the questions, attend the meetings, tell your candidate at: ­www.bottomline.nz­

Authorised by: Hobson’s Pledge, Suite 311, 184 Symonds Street, Auckland 1010