Treaty Referendum hangs in the balance ⚖️

We need a referendum on the Treaty! If National won't do it, we will demand a Citizens Initiated Referendum.

It’s rumoured that one of the sticking points in reaching agreement between the three political parties which are trying to form a coalition Government is ACT’s call for a referendum on what the Treaty means.

Christopher Luxon has repeatedly made it clear that he is opposed to New Zealanders having a say on such an important constitutional matter.

But this is an insult to all New Zealanders who believe we should all be treated equally and have the right to be heard on fundamental constitutional matters.

Yesterday, we sent you an email asking that, even before the new Government sets about fixing the egregiously racist policies put in place by the last Government, it should fix the serious mistakes of the previous National-led Government, in particular the Marine and Coastal Area Act.

It is quite outrageous that the National Party Leader now wants to deny New Zealanders a say on whether we are going to be a country where all citizens are equal before the law, or whether, on the contrary, we are going to be forever divided based on who some of our ancestors were.

If it helps everybody save face, perhaps the referendum should not be about the Treaty per se.  Instead, let’s have a referendum on whether these principles are a fundamental part of our constitution:

  1. All citizens of New Zealand have the same political rights and duties.
  2. All political authority comes from the people by democratic means including universal suffrage, regular and free elections with a secret ballot.
  3. New Zealand is a multi-ethnic liberal democracy where discrimination based on ethnicity is illegal.

For the avoidance of doubt, these principles prevail over any contradictory enactment by Parliament, or finding by the Courts.

We need a referendum to show the liberal elite that they are out of touch with the voters.  We need to deliver the kind of message that the Voice referendum in Australia delivered.

We need those who think they know better than us to show the courage of their convictions by making their arguments in a referendum campaign, not just lecture us in the media.

If National does not agree to a referendum, we will work with similar groups to demand a Citizens Initiated Referendum affirming that we are a country where all citizens have equal political rights.  New Zealanders deserve the chance to pass judgement on the divisive, expensive, and destructive path the political elite in both National and Labour have taken our country on. This will only occur through a referendum.

If you agree that this is of fundamental importance, I urge you to tell Christopher Luxon your view on the issue by heading to his Facebook Page now.

We are too short on time to launch a full correspondence campaign, but making ourselves heard on social media will have an impact. Simply commenting on Christopher's posts, urging him to get on board with the referendum will do the trick.

Let's keep our comments measured and polite. You catch more flies with honey!

Don't delay. Coalition talks are in their final stages. Click through to Christopher's Facebook page now!