The Corruption of New Zealand Democracy

The_Corruption_of_New_Zealand_Democracy.jpgThe Corruption of New Zealand Democracy

John Robinson

Here Dr. Robinson explains why the pre-1840 Musket Wars were the reason why the Maori population dropped so dramatically in the nineteenth century. He also shows from personal experience how scholars in the Treaty industry are required to doctor their research to suit the endless claims that are being made to the Waitangi Tribunal. This, the corruption of history, is then compounded by the corruption of democracy as exemplified by the back-room deals being made in secrecy with tribes and behind the backs of the taxpayers. The author also explains how, by basing everything on what the tribes held on a single date, 1840, the Treaty process is rewarding aggressive tribes who happened to be holding particular lands at that time that they had recently taken off others by force of arms.

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