Submit against Maori language entrenchment

The Crown’s strategy for Maori language revitalisation is to entrench Maori institutional racism across New Zealand society, according to commentator Michael Coote.

Coote’s article titled Deconstructing the Maorification of NZ serves as a reminder that you have until 5pm on Friday to make a submission on the Government’s Maori language strategy.

This may be done by taking the online survey on the Ministry of Maori Development website HERE, or by making a more detailed submission, and sending to [email protected]

The online survey questions ask:

  1. Do you agree with the vision of the strategy, “Everywhere, Every way, Everyone, Every day”?
  2. Do you agree with setting a goal that New Zealand should value Maori language as a key part of national identity by 2040?
  3. Do you agree with a goal for 150,000 Maori speaking Maori as a primary language (at least equally with another language) by 2040?
  1. Do you agree with a goal for one million New Zealanders being able to talk about basic things in Maori by 2040?
  2. Do you agree with the priorities in the strategy?
  1. Do you agree with the priority groups in the strategy - children/youth, proficient speakers and public servants?
  2. Do you have any other comments about the strategy?

As you ponder the survey questions, bear in mind the words of the former co-leader of the Maori Party Marama Fox, who revealed a plan for Maori control of New Zealand in a Listener interview just before the last election, according to another commentator, Muriel Newman, in a piece titled Cultural Indoctrination Week.

Fox explained that the plan hinged on Maori language becoming compulsory in schools, which was all ‘plotted out’: “It would take 36 years – 12 election cycles – for a Maori sovereignty party to share government… it’s a radical vision… but if we believe in it, then we need to march towards it.”

This party’s vision of shared Government involves replacing our Westminster model of Parliamentary democracy with a “unique form of governance that would favour Maori customs, principles and values”.

Fox explained that our thinking needs to be shifted to achieve this goal, and a “critical step” is to make “the Maori language a core subject in the country’s schools… People look at things differently once they’ve acquired te reo. It’s a world view. The Maori world view is different and that’s expressed in the language. The language unlocks our history and our thinking”

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