Send a letter to the Vice Chancellor of AUT

Use our letter as a starting point or write your own.

AUT Dean of Law Khylee Quince has made inappropriate and unacceptable remarks about fellow lawyer Gary Judd KC. The Dean takes issue with Gary Judd filing a complaint regarding compulsory tikanga training for students of law. She said:

"I suppose it was inevitable that one of the old racist dinosaurs would make a pathetic squeal in an attempt to preserve the status quo…. Mr Judd and his “matauranga Maori is not science” friends can go die quietly in the corner…"

Dean Quince has a mere handful of years of junior practising experience prior to joining academia whereas Gary Judd has been a Queen's Council and then King's Council for 29 years. He has appeared before the Supreme Court and Privy Council more than a dozen times each.

In my letter to the Vice Chancellor, I urge him to remind Dean Quince of her obligations and the privileged position she is in and ask him to make a public statement affirming that AUT’s Law School does not take political positions relating to race, but rather it teaches the law that pertains to the matters. I ask the Vice Chancellor to clarify that Dean Quince does not speak for the University and that her remarks were inappropriate and unacceptable for someone in her position.

I strongly encourage you to write in a calm and civil manner. As frustrating as the situation is, we do not advance our cause of equality in New Zealand by stooping to the level Dean Quince did.