Today non-Maori experience bias, prejudice and unequal treatment on an ongoing basis. This unfair treatment is ignored by our MPs, courts and Human Rights Commission as it has been baked into our laws. At the same time, journalists from state owned television and radio, government department staff and university academics actively push Maori propaganda of race based disadvantage and victimhood. Our stories, those of the unfair treatment of non-Maori or suppression of European culture are largely ignored or brushed aside. We invite you to tell us your personal experience or witness of bias, prejudice and unequal treatment, which can be published on this page, either under your own name or anonymously, by emailing [email protected] or by leaving a comment on our Contact us page. Thank you.

Wintec - Non-Maori midwifery students loaded with "white guilt"

Last year our clever granddaughter (in top 10% of her class) had to endure the so-called 'bicultural framework' course at Wintec as part of a midwifery degree.  She's a person who relates very well to others in group sessions regardless of ethnicity.  She was naturally receptive to sensitivities associated with traditional Maori pregnancy, birthing and new-born baby practices, like incantations, burying the placenta, tying the umbilical cord with flax, anointing the baby, etc.   

However, this compulsory 'bicultural' subject appeared to have nothing to do with midwifery.  It dealt only on colonisation,

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