Maori activists claim sovereignty at Kiingitangi hui

Things are heating up and it looks like we might just get the conversation about the Treaty that we have been asking for. But if you think that the activists with their extremist interpretations of the Treaty are going to play fair, think again.

We must step up and stand strong. There is no other option. Defending democracy and true equality under the law for all Kiwis is simply too important.

I'll be honest with you, after the huge push we did for the election, we had a long, hard look at what the future of Hobson's Pledge might look like. But seeing the viciousness of the opposition and frankly the disingenuousness of the media, we concluded we have no option but to keep going.

In fact, we need to kick up a gear. This is a pivotal moment in our nation's history and we either seize it or accept a future of separatism and disunity.

You will have seen how effective we can be throughout the election period, but that will all be for nothing if the separatists and their friends in the media can browbeat Christopher Luxon. He needs your support. Hobson's Pledge cannot do this alone. 

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Over the weekend the Māori king hosted an event that was dubbed the National Hui for Unity.

Before I go on, it is important to note that the Māori King is not recognised by all iwi and so his title is somewhat inaccurate. Large iwi like Tuhoe, Ngāti Porou, and Ngāpuhi have historically rejected the Kiingitanga movement. And of course most New Zealanders don’t recognise him as king at all.

Thousands of people attended the event, including Minister for Māori Development Tama Potaka and fellow National MP Dan Bidois. Leader of the Opposition Chris Hipkins attended also.

However, New Zealand First gave the event a miss with Minister Shane Jones predicting it would be a "moan session".

The whole point of the meeting was an attempt to unify Māori activists in asserting that Māori never ceded sovereignty to the British Crown. This is a radical and dangerous rewriting of history. It is a far cry from what was said at the signing of the Treaty of Waitangi and what prominent thought leaders like Sir Apirana Ngata have written over the years.

Even before the gathering commenced media were engaging in a misinformation campaign that appears designed to whip up opposition to the government. TV One, our state broadcaster, described the proposed Treaty Principles Bill as a "rewrite" of the Treaty. This is a complete lie and has never been proposed.

Inflammatory statements calling the government and its leaders "white supremacists" were also blatant lies and designed to create more division. Unity was supposed to be the theme of the day but it was evident that the only unity hui leaders were interested in was between those organising against those New Zealanders seeking true political equality. A definite 'us versus them' dynamic was present.

We must reject this drive to split New Zealand even further by race and we cannot allow ahistorical rewrites of the Treaty to become entrenched. As we should have learned by now, when these things are embedded it is very difficult to undo them.

It is now or never.

We either fight for an equal and unified New Zealand now or watch this beautiful country continue to slide into a race-based caste system. Can we count on you to stand with us?

Don't be fooled by the Māori King Tuheitia's rhetoric about unity.

Remember that this is the man who said:

"We have always owned the water!... In the eyes of our people, Pakeha law was set up to minimise our mana and maximise their own."

These are not the words of a man who respects the law of the land. He has already won the battle for the Waikato River and would like to see all water under Māori ownership.

Can you see the precarious position New Zealand is in? We are on the precipice and it could go either way. Our Fight For Equality Fund will determine how aggressively we can fight racial separatism.

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I'm not someone who likes to overstate things so please hear me when I say that 2024 may be one of the most significant years in our history when it comes to democracy and who we are as a nation.

The past few decades of activism and constant chipping away at our democratic principles are culminating in a big, organised push for co-governance, separatism, and Māori ownership of natural resources.

Let me be clear, what we stand for is plain and simple: equality. Only then can New Zealand look forward to more prosperity for both Māori and non-Māori.

Do you share our belief that equality and democracy must be fought for and defended? With your support we can grow our Fight For Equality Fund and put up the fight of our lives for these precious values.

We owe it to our children and grandchildren to ensure that the battle for our democracy is won.

The time is now.

Thank you for your support,