Iwi leader threatens legal action "we have never lost"

It is sometimes difficult to write to you detailing the issues that threaten the future of our wonderful country, but as we approach this election, it is important that we do not forget what is at stake.

And nothing demonstrates this more than the opinion piece published by Tukoroirangi Morgan published in yesterday’s Herald. 

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His statements make it clear that water reform is a bottom line for him, and he will drive this agenda without compromise. This will include taking the issue to the courts if the democratic process goes against his desires.

This not-so-veiled threat, that taxpayers will be forced to bear the burden of defending litigation, demonstrates that no matter what the democratic process decides, this will be challenged in the courts if the majority comes to a conclusion unacceptable to Tuku Morgan.

It should be noted that although Morgan was appointed to be the chair of Entity A, this was before the Three Waters structure changed from four entities to ten. Although he is prominent in the Waikato, he seems to have self-appointed himself as the chair for the new Entity A that does not include the Waikato area at all.

New Zealanders have been distracted by a legislative agenda and policy reform that has inundated us with the need to make submission after submission on undemocratic bills. This has made it hard to keep track of all that Labour is doing leading up to the election.

According to the Department of Internal Affairs' Three Waters program, three further pieces of legislation need to be passed into law before Parliament rises for the election. It is claimed that this will be completed by August 31, 2023, with nine more sitting days.

Don’t forget that this legislation received over 80,000 submissions opposing the Waters Services Entities Act.

Labour intends to implement a poorly developed, unworkably complex water management system through rushed legislation that is founded on co-governance. And, according to Tuku Morgan, if this does not happen, he will be off to court.

At the same time, many New Zealanders are also struggling to defend their property rights against classification, without consultation, as “Sites and Areas of Significance to Maori”. 

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The next few weeks will be essential in ensuring that no one forgets what is at stake in this election.

We are a proud, inclusive, multicultural nation – don’t let co-governance rob us of our identity.