Electoral Review (it's really bad) - we can't afford to be silent

Recently, the Minister of Local Government, Kieran McAnulty, disregarded democracy as irrelevant in New Zealand. He commented on the undemocratic Three Waters reforms, stating that they "wouldn't stand up to a purely academic democratic framework, but that's not how we work."

Further highlighting this Government's disdain for democracy, the Independent Electoral Review Committee released a 338-page report with 100 recommendations last month.

It is hard not to throw your hands up in despair as we face yet another attack on our proud democratic heritage, but I am asking you to take a moment and stand up against this madness.

At the heart of the report, and the issue we cannot allow to continue, is that electoral processes will have the Treaty and its undefined principles entrenched into legislation.

As well as various differentiated considerations for Maori and non-Maori voters, the reform will, yet again, undermine the foundation of equal suffrage in New Zealand.

We have summarised this issue on our website with some instructions on how to respond.

What you need to know: Electoral Reform Report

Can you take a moment to find out more, respond and share the message?

I know that you will have much better things to do with your time, and it may seem as though our voices are being lost in the wind. However, we are just three months away from an election... Your voice will be heard!

It will send a message to the incoming Government that we WILL NOT give up our proud democratic heritage at the whim of a few bureaucrats who believe in two standards of citizenship.

It is not coincidental that all of this is being thrust upon us in the final weeks of this Labour Government. They have targeted our water, health, natural resource management, free speech, local government, and now our democratic rights.

We need to keep them focused on outcomes – protect us from crime, manage our economy, and protect the vulnerable and in need.

Make a submission and tell them enough is enough... our democracy is the only thing that protects us and ensures accountability.

With three months to go, you can make a difference.