Do you belong in NZ?" What Kiwis told us.

A few weeks ago, we told you that Hobson’s Pledge had been supporting a social media campaign to connect to more New Zealanders and talk about race relations.

Through this campaign, we found that race-based division is effecting many Kiwis from all walks of life. Here are some examples of what they have been saying:


What is clear is that race-based division is impacting the lives of Kiwis whatever our ancestry or our race.

These comments, and the many others we read, are confronting and demonstrate how far racism has been allowed to infiltrate our day-to-day lives under false interpretation of the obligations from the Treaty of Waitangi.

This election your vote can send a clear message that New Zealanders do not want to be differentiated in our legal or democratic rights based upon when we or our ancestors came into this country.

Firstly, the most important thing is that you VOTE. Vote now, vote any time between now and Saturday evening, just make sure you VOTE. This election is far from “in the bag” and every vote will count.

Secondly, vote for the parties that have committed to stopping race-based division.

With your vote we can bring about a correction shifting away from the agenda of co-governance that is delivering unelected, unaccountable appointments that undermine the democratic authority of our elected representatives.

Finally, make your vote count by voting for parties that will, on latest polling results, pass the threshold of 5%, or pick up an electorate seat, and therefore make it into Parliament.