Dividing A Nation; the Return of Tikanga


by John Robinson

Pre-1840 the rules of tikanga could be brutal in respect of inter-tribal wars and their consequences - especially for the ordinary natives who often lived in fear. Happily everyday life for Maoris has been transformed. The practice of tikanga has changed, taking on many aspects of Western culture. There are many and varied descriptions of just what tikanga is now. This uncertain tikanga is being re-introduced into our way of life and written into law, setting rules to determine the behaviour not just of part-Maoris but of all New Zealanders. 

Given these increasing requirements it is important that the rules of tikanga be clear. What is this tikanga that we must increasingly follow? This book is a scan across the history of the old ways, a description of the changes brought about largely by Maoris themselves in their great cultural transformation, and reports of recent disruptive actions where special race-based rights are claimed and supported by calls for the primacy of tikanga. To avoid trouble in the future it is important that this vital issue be known, discussed and debated so that New Zealanders can meet the challenges facing us and seek a better way to move forward as "one people". This book is an informative step in that direction.

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