Did you see our final election newspaper ad?

Tomorrow evening, we will be counting votes to find out if we have succeeded in voting out Labour.

Hobson's Pledge, with your support, has campaigned for equality and unity. We have advocated for democracy and against race-based law-making.

This week, we placed this full-page advert in newspapers across the country. 

Your vote can ensure that this Labour Government receives a clear message that their agenda of division is not acceptable to New Zealanders.

I know that a change of government is not the endgame.

There will be much to be done to hold the political parties and politicians accountable for the promises they have made.

But for now, just make sure that you and your friends and family vote.

Finally, thank you for your support in this fight for democracy. We have done all we can to make our voices heard; it would not have been possible without you and your willingness to engage in this important issue.

Bring on the 54th New Zealand Parliament.