Democracy is our bottom line

Just a quick note!

Over the weekend, Don asked you to take a positive action and tell your electorate candidates what your bottom line is this election.

Head to to check it out. 

Well, didn't you all create quite a stir!

So much of a stir that those candidates who do not actually like hearing from their constituents decided to mark your e-mails as spam.

It seems, for some, hearing from large numbers of potential voters was just too much to handle.

The impact of their action caused our tool to be put under review, and our activity suspended for 24 hours. This meant some of you may have received unusual error messages.

Please don’t be disheartened, we are back up and running again. If you used the tool during the suspension period, we were still able to collect your data, and we will send it separately.

Head to to check it out. 

While some candidates were quick to complain, others actually made enquiries as to why they stopped receiving e-mails. These candidates actually welcomed the opportunity to tell voters why they value democracy and express their concerns about co-governance.

Let’s continue to ensure that those who are asking for your vote know what is important for New Zealanders this election. Without an accountable democracy, all other promises are empty and hollow.

Don’t let the few candidates that don’t support democracy silence your voice. Tell them now at Then send the link around to friends and family so they can do it too. 

PS – Just a quick tip, feel free to edit the e-mail template to your own words, let your candidates know what will influence your vote.

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