Blood and Tears; A memorial to those killed by tribal and related violence by Adam Plover

In the couBlood_and_Tears_150x219.pngrse of creating the New Zealand that we have to-day, with its law and order, property rights, personal safety and individual freedom, numerous people  - both European and friendly Maori - were killed by tribal violence. They gave their lives in the cause of creating order out of anarchy and are just as deserving of the nation's respect and sympathy as are soldiers who die on the battle-field.

In this book some of these brave but unfortunate people are introduced to the modern reader, together with brief details of their lives and of their untimely and brutal deaths, thus bringing to life an aspect of our early history that has been overlooked for far too long. New Zealand's history is being rewritten with a new narrative in favour of the ever growing "grievance industry". In the process real historical events are being swept under the carpet and out of sight if they get in the way of this new agenda. This book, based on facts alone and impeccably researched, tells of some of these long-buried events as they really happened.

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Type: Paperback
Pages: 172 pages of text plus 12 pages of photos

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