An important reminder

This week's TVNZ Leaders Debate placed co-governance at the forefront of election discussions, showing the critical importance of party leaders being required to answer tough questions about the democratic future of New Zealand.

Christopher Luxon's answers were far better than Chris Hipkins. However, they weren't without significant problems. Luxon's support for co-governance of local natural resources is something that Hobson's Pledge will continue to oppose. 

Although we would prefer to be focusing solely on the general election, we do unfortunately, have to bring your attention to the circus that continues at a local level.

Roughly three weeks ago, you received an email from us about the Auckland Council's consultation process for Māori seats.

The Council has been less than transparent in its efforts to solicit feedback on the establishment of Maori Wards.

Democracy Action's Lee Short explains the issue in more detail.

Remember that submissions for this crucial matter close on September 24, 2023. This weekend, if you can spare a minute, please make your voice heard by participating in the consultation.


It's important to recall that over a decade ago, when the Super City was established in Auckland, an assurance was made that a there would be a review of the mega council's structure. Although no such review has taken place, they have found the time and energy to consider race-based representation.

Auckland is not the only council rushing through consultation. Kapiti Council are also pushing ahead with an equally tight timeframe. They are seeking to make a decision at their Council meeting on November 14. If Kapiti Coast is your council, we encourage you to make a submission.


So this week, your action to focus on is to make a submission to Auckland or Kapiti council. 

There is still much you can do to fight for our democracy and ensure that the important issues are not lost amidst all the noise. If you want to know how you can take action, go to:

Don't forget that early voting for the general election starts on October 2, 2023.

P.S. Check out today's Herald...New Zealanders want OUTCOMES, not DIVISION.

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