Don't miss the Free Speech union democracy debate

Our work campaigning to protect democracy and advance equality before the law is impossible without the ability to speak freely about important, and often contentious, issues.

You may have heard of the Free Speech Union. We recently directed you to their submission tool to have your say on proposals to regulate speech on social media and traditional media platforms.

The Free Speech Union recognises that for New Zealand to flourish as a civil society we must protect the right to express opinions freely. They do not take a position on the substance of what is being said, rather they stand up for our right to say it. 

When so many are invested in preventing discussions about co-governance and matters involving the Treaty, Hobson's Pledge are constantly coming up against attempts to censor or shut us down. We know first hand the importance of this vital human right.

Seeking to foster open debate in the months leading up to the election, the FSU have been holding events around the country to discuss and argue some of the most highly political topics of our time. 

Two debates have been held so far tackling propositions:  

 "be it resolved, Governments should lead the fight to reach Net Zero."


"be it resolved, our tax system is unfair and the wealthy must pay more." 

I want to draw your attention to the next debate which is to be held this Wednesday 13th September at 7pm in The Atrium, Hamilton. 

The proposition being debated is right in our wheelhouse:

"be it resolved, ‘one person, one vote’ silences indigenous voices and must go."

The affirmative will be argued by Buddy Mikaere and former Race Relations Commissioner Meng Foon.

The negative will be argued by - someone very familiar to Hobson's Pledge supporters - our former spokesperson, Casey Costello! She will be joined by politician Shane Jones.

Tickets are free, but you must register to ensure you get a seat.

>>> Click here to reserve your ticket <<<

If you are unable to be in Hamilton on Wednesday, you can access the Free Speech Union livestream to watch from wherever you are. 

2023 Free Speech Union Debate Livestream: One person, one vote

We don't get the chance to see the cases for and against co-governance debated so I thought it was important to make you aware of the event in case it was of interest.

All the best to the debaters.

I'll be in touch later in the week with some more tips for taking action this election.

P.S. The debate series concludes in Auckland on 26 September 2023 with the proposition:

“be it resolved, #nodebate: some discussions will only cause harm”.

Authorised by: Hobson’s Pledge, Suite 311, 184 Symonds Street, Auckland 1010