$1,000,000 payment by Carter Holt Harvey to Tainui on same day as environmental appeal withdrawn

“the third point I want to make is a broader question. It is in respect of the Resource Management Act. At the weekend we saw reported what I think is a very sad development for New Zealand. This country takes great pride in being a corruption-free country, a country where things are done upfront. We saw through the resource management process, a payment to Tainui of over $1 million. On exactly the same day the deal was drafted, an Environment Court Appeal was withdrawn. We are to believe that it is a co-incidence that the funding agreement just happens to expire on 1 January 2023, the day that the resource consent expires. This is a very sad reflection on Carter Holt Harvey. It is a sad reflection on Tainui. I believe that there are dozens of such cases. The only thing that is unique about this one is that it was reported because of the internal wrangles within Tainui”.

Dr Nick Smith, June 13 2001 


1. New Zealand Hansard archives: Wednesday, June 13 2001; Dr Nick Smith: Hauraki Gulf Marine Park Amendment Bill: Third Reading http://www.vdig.net/hansard/archive.jsp?y=2001&m=06&d=13&o=70&p=74