82 days until the election: time to dig deep

As you probably heard over the weekend, our spokesperson Casey Costello has announced her intention to run for a seat in Parliament.

She has fronted for Hobson’s Pledge on many challenging issues and we are in no doubt that she would make a fantastic Member of Parliament, taking up the issues we all care about to those in power.

We are so proud of Casey for her boldness and the principled way in which she has represented us, and for having the courage to put her hand up for this next challenge.

As Hobson’s Pledge isn’t aligned to any political party, Casey has stepped down as our spokesperson and as a trustee. I’m sure you will join me in thanking her for her service.

The fight goes on and with 82 days until Election Day we are kicking things up a notch!

You will be hearing more from me over the next few months. We have a full plan for how we can maximise the time we have left to persuade New Zealanders we must act now to save our democracy.

We will be providing you with tools to reach your candidates and with advice on how to talk to the people in your life. We will also be running awareness and education campaigns online to reach New Zealanders who still don’t understand what co-governance is and why it is a terrible problem.

The costs of this all add up. We cannot defeat our well-resourced opponents without resourcing ourselves as best we can.

If you feel strongly, as we do, that this election is make or break for New Zealand, please consider donating what you can afford to this cause.

New Zealand is relying on us to demand that our politicians reverse the path of division and return us to a democratic state of equal rights before the law.

82 days. We have to throw everything at them.