Separatist indoctrination in teaching to become law

Separatist indoctrination in schools will become law on July 1 after a revision by the Education Council in a 44-page Code of Professional Responsibility and Standards for the Teaching Profession.

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How to object to the claims for your coastal area

Many readers live near, walk on, or take the dog for a run on a beach, go surfing, surfcasting, or fishing from a boat, or swim in the sea. This is evidence that you have enjoyed uninterrupted access to the marine and coastal area.

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150 coastal area claims advertised

Notification of 150 claims for ownership of thousands of kilometres of our coastline filed in the High Court were advertised over the past week with 20 days for anyone to object.

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Busby Treaty draft quietly hidden

A horn wailed and men dressed as warriors danced at 2.45am in Wellington yesterday as the James Busby draft of the Treaty of Waitangi was quietly removed from public display.

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Why Key ignored ACT over resource iwi clauses

It was former Prime Minister John Key who pushed National to stick with the Maori Party over the controversial iwi participation clauses in the Resource Legislation Amendment Bill, according to commentator Richard Harman.

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Hobson’s Pledge ruffles feathers

Our newsletter last week ruffled a few feathers, with Maori Television having two cracks against Hobson’s Pledge comments and a New Zealand Herald columnist one.

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Iwi clauses a stab-in-the-back for non-iwi NZ

Hostility to the inclusion of mana whakahono a rohe/iwi participation clauses in the Resource Legislation Amendment Bill has prompted Environment Minister Nick Smith to issue a memo to advise caucus how to respond to criticism.


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200 for Don and Casey in Havelock North

Don Brash and Casey Costello delivered the Hobson’s Pledge message to 200 people at the Havelock North Function Centre on Tuesday night.

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Where Nats stand on Hobson’s Pledge issues

John Key’s unexpected resignation from the position of Prime Minister, and the subsequent jostling within the National Party caucus over the past week, offered a glimpse of attitudes of National Party MPs to Hobson’s Pledge issues.

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Peters slams ‘principles’, divisiveness

Those who signed the Treaty of Waitangi would struggle to understand why an undefined and divisive term “the principles of the Treaty of Waitangi” came to be inserted in our legislation, New Zealand First leader Winston Peters said at Waitangi.

A fracas between Mr Peters and Te Tii marae members on February 5 eclipsed a detailed speech he gave at the stone church in Paihia on February 3 in which he slammed legal chaos with activist judges, bureaucratic meddlers, treaty lawyers and a “Treaty Industry”.

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