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Under the guise of implementing in New Zealand the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, Maori sovereignty activists have delivered to the Government a radical plan to establish two governments in New Zealand by 2040, one for Maori and one for everyone else.

Progress towards the creation of these two governments would be subject to a monitoring group created by tribal groups and chaired by a Maori sovereignty radical.

The Government has tried to hide this plan, titled He Puapua, by releasing a short version that omits both the proposals for two-governments and the plan for an overarching compliance group consisting of tribes and Maori sovereignty radicals.

But the full 123-page version, which would end democracy in New Zealand as we know it, was obtained under the Official Information Act. Click here to see the uncensored plan:

The plan that was partly and quietly released last October includes:

  • Two complete governments that overlap. A Maori parliament, executive, judiciary, and civil service could be created to overlap with the existing parliament, executive, judiciary, and civil service with the overlap described as a co-governance sphere.
  • A written constitution based on a radical reinterpretation of the Treaty of Waitangi by the Waitangi Tribunal in the 1980s. If that happens, those with some Maori ancestry would have greater legal rights than everyone else. The Treaty that chiefs signed in 1840 is clear that Maori would have the rights of British subjects then, which means as New Zealand citizens now.
  • The tribal estate will be significantly enlarged by the transfer of Crown lands, waters and the foreshore and seabed to Maori ownership
  • A Maori health system, where patients with a Maori ancestor will be treated differently from other patients.
  • A Maori court system, where offenders with a Maori ancestor will be treated differently from other offenders.
  • Maori jails, where inmates with a Maori ancestor will be treated differently from other inmates.
  • Granting Maori rights and title to water. Some Maori organization would be paid every time you turn on the tap.
  • Public education to eradicate unconscious bias, the sort of bias that no one is aware of until someone with a strong bias against you points it out. This means the 85 percent would be scared to think or speak freely.
  • Waitangi Tribunal decisions would cease to be recommendations and would bind the Government to implement them.
  • Compliance would be ensured by the Aotearoa Independent Monitoring Mechanism, a group set up by the Iwi Chairs Forum and consisting of Maori sovereignty radicals.

The plan is already under way

  • Maori wards are being set up in local government. This started in 20 local bodies when referenda on such proposals were outlawed on February 1, 2021.
  • The Ihumatao protesters forced Fletcher Building to sell 33 hectares to the Government for $30 million.
  • An anti-coloniser history curriculum starts next year to indoctrinate our children.
  • A plan for a separate Maori health authority has been announced.

If you don’t want to live in a country where there are two governments and where the tribal elite clip the ticket and Maori sovereignty activists call the shots, you should sign our petition.


25,000 signatures

Petition: We, the undersigned citizens of New Zealand, demand that Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and the Labour Government reject outright and cease implementing all aspects of the two-government plan as described in He Puapua, the report of the working group on a plan to realise the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples in NZ.

That would mean:

  • No two-governments,
  • No written constitution based on the radical reinterpretation of the Treaty of Waitangi created by the Waitangi Tribunal in the 1980s,
  • Disestablishing the Waitangi Tribunal, which has shown by its decisions that it has outlived its usefulness,
  • Disestablishing the Ministry of Maori-Crown Relations, which is entrenching racial separatism,
  • No separate health, welfare, judiciary, prison, or any other such government agency set up for a single ethnic group,
  • Ending all dialogue between the Government and the Independent Monitoring Mechanism group.
  • A declaration that water is owned by all citizens of New Zealand,
  • Restoring the right for citizens to petition for votes on proposals for Maori wards in local government,
  • Holding a binding referendum on whether to continue with or disestablish the Maori seats in Parliament,
  • Suspending work on the proposed school NZ history curriculum, because the draft is flawed and politicised beyond redemption,
  • Restoring public ownership of the marine and coastal area,
  • Requiring the correct use of the name of our country, which is New Zealand, on passports, and all government documents. The Treaty-based Maori name for New Zealand is Nu Tirani.


We, Maori and non-Maori alike, are in this together. We ask that we be treated fairly and equally.


Sign here if you want New Zealand to remain a democracy.