Koha paid to iwi for consent to instal water bores on private land

Ratepayers at a Bay of Plenty meeting with MP Todd Muller complained about their Councils playing 'fast and loose' with their rights - especially for the need to consult with local hapu/iwi when installing a water bore on their own property. "To get a bore you have to get iwi "consent", and they want a koha, which is not a gift, it's a bribe" one woman stated.
Another woman said that koha payments are not recorded by Councils, even though they can be compulsory under the Councils' terms of operation.

Numerous issues arise from the need for property owners to consult with tribal trusts, these include:

  1. What services do tribal trusts provide in order to receive "koha" from property owners?
  2. Are tribal trusts legally or de facto in a position to prevent property owners from obtaining Council consent for drilling water bores or other activities?
  3. How much do property owners pay iwi/hapu in koha, and are these koha recorded and tax deductible by property owners?