Vote 2019

We think that all Councillors should be elected on merit

  • we reject the need for separate Maori Wards as unnecessary and patronising

  • we reject the appointment of Maori with voting rights to committees (simply because they are "Maori") as unnecessary and undemocratic

  • we reject the transfer and delegation of Council powers to iwi under the Resource Management Act as an undemocratic usurpation of power

Questions to ask Candidates 

If elected, would you vote in favour of separate wards for Maori voters?

If elected, would you vote in favour of appointing unelected Maori with voting rights to Council committees?

If a candidate won't clearly answer NO to both of these questions, they probably support race based discrimination.

The Resource Management Act

The Resource Management Act now allows Councils to transfer or delegate powers to local iwi for managing natural resources such as waterways and even resource consenting under what are called "Iwi Participation Agreements".

If elected, would you vote in favour of transferring or delegating powers to local tribal trusts?

The Marine and Coastal Area Act

Your Council has not taken any steps to defend public rights over local beaches and seabed under the Marine and Coastal Area Act.

If elected, would you vote in favour of Council taking action to defend public rights against tribal claims over local harbours, beaches and seabed?

Questions for Auckland candidates

Independent Maori Statutory Board

The Independent Maori Statutory Board costs ratepayers millions of dollars each year and has been given voting rights on Council committees. Its apparent purpose is to impose separatist policies on the Council and region. There is no accountability to those who fund it.

If elected, would you support an approach to government to abolish the Independent Maori Statutory Board?

If elected, would you support continuing Council's practice of giving Maori tribal trusts and Maori owned businesses priority over other Aucklanders?

Hauraki Gulf Co-governance

We think that our elected representatives should wholly reject anti-democratic co-governance arrangements. 

If elected, would you vote in favour of co-governance of  Hauraki Gulf marine areas as proposed by the Sea Change Marine Spatial Plan?

Maunga Co-governance

Auckland's co-governance of the maungas is creating a hotbed of unrest with evidence of bullying by tribal representatives, cowering councillors and dissatisfied public.

What would you do about this? 

Know your candidates

We will be endeavouring to list candidates' stance on Maori Wards, Maori Appointees and other race based issues. If we have verifiable (written) responses we will be able to post these on this website below:

Auckland City


Hamilton City, Waikato District Council



Thank you for your support.




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