The Maori electorates once served a useful purpose:

  • before 1867 few Maori men could vote because their land was held communally. The Act which established the Maori seats meant that all Maori men could vote. The Maori electorates became redundant in 1893 when all adults got the vote   
  • in 1986 the Royal Commission on the Electoral System recommended that separate Maori electorates should be scrapped if MMP were adopted

It is both patronising and wrong to suggest that Maori cannot be elected on the General roll.

Today Maori are represented by politicians from all political parties, including Deputy Prime Minister Paula Bennet, Simon Bridges, David Seymour, Winston Peters, Ron Mark, Marama Davidson, Tutehounuku Korako, Alfred Ngaro, Pita Paraone, Hekia Parata, Shane Reti, Adrian Rurawhe, Tabuteau Fletcher, Metiria Turei who were all elected on merit to general seats by the general public.

Under MMP Maori Electorate MPs are forced to promote increasingly radical policies to serve the expectations of their increasingly radical electorates,


even more seriously, under MMP, unprincipled governments are forced to cave in to their increasingly radical demands to stay in power.

 How do the following radical policies and laws promoted by some Maori MPs help Maori in need?

  • fostering beliefs that tribes never ceded sovereignty to the Crown, while enjoying full rights of citizenship
  • fostering the idea that all problems can be solved through Treaty settlements, litigation and spurious claims to the Waitangi Tribunal
  • fostering the idea that tribal groups own our freshwater and demanding the transfer of its control to unelected tribal trusts
  • forcing the passing of the Marine and Coastal Area (Takutai Moana) Act, allowing tribal groups to gain ownership rights and control of our foreshore and seabed
  • forcing so-called "co-governance" onto local body committees
  • imposing a mental straight-jacket on our educational institutions
  • pushing for separate Maori representation on local bodies

Some argue that it is the right of Maori alone to answer the question. This is wrong,

we are ALL forced to live with the consequences of the Maori electorates.

The Nats say it's not yet time, but, it NEVER will be.

In the meantime,

the Maori electorates are pushing New Zealand further down the path towards separatism, race based laws and racial tension.


NZ's largest resource grab at a beach near you

Attorney General Chris Finlayson and the courts are poised to grant a new property right known as customary marine title over vast swathes of New Zealand's coastline to applicant groups claiming some Maori ancestry. The Marine and Coastal Area (Takutai Moana) Act 2011 enables one of the biggest race-based claims in living memory.

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Repeal resource iwi clauses

Minister for the Environment Dr Nick Smith and the National - Maori Party Coalition passed the Resource Legislation Amendment Bill through Parliament with a single vote majority on the 7th April 2017. This was despite offers of support from New Zealand First and ACT to enable much needed reforms without being held to ransom by the Maori Party. 

Don't take National's words on what the iwi clauses pose. Don't even take ours. Instead read this series of Maori Party Facebook clippings. They're laughing at National and they spell out the tribalist agenda with devastating clarity.



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Petition to Abolish Auckland's Maori Statutory Board

David-Rankin-e1469439213806.jpg"The Maori Statutory Board has worked against the interests of Aucklanders, has cost rate-payers millions of dollars, and is an example of race-based politics.  Most of the Board's work has been focussed on bans: bans on people accessing Mt Eden; bans on people developing their own sections without paying a 'taniwha tax'; and bans on equal rights for all cultures.  The Board is anti-democratic and as an experiment, has failed.  We call for the Government to legislate to abolish the Maori Statutory Board".

Petition in the name of David Hone Heke Rankin, Nga Puhi

If you agree with David Rankin, please click here to sign his petition and ask your friends, family and colleagues to sign as well.


Hauraki Gulf Co-Governance still an issue


A report recommending co-governance of the Hauraki Gulf Marine Park has been rejected,
thanks largely to the work of Auckland group Democracy Action.

However, the Hauraki Gulf Forum has yet to vote on the "Sea Change" Marine Spatial Plan (Tai Timu Tai Pari) which proposes the establishment of 'ahu-moana' zones around the entire Gulf coastline (including offshore islands) extending 1km out to sea. The Sea Change plan also proposes management by 50% tribal trust appointees and 50% community representatives, with no mention of how community representatives would be appointed. Under Sea Change, governing committees would have the power to prohibit recreational and commercial fishing wholly or partially over any area of "their" zone, and over any or all fish species, based on "cultural values" (with no need for scientific evidence). 

As tribal groups tend to vote "en bloc" the introduction of the Sea Change plan will, in effect, amount to tribal rule of the entire Hauraki Gulf coastline.

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Inquiry into Petition of Andrew Judd

andrew_judd.jpgPublic submissions are now being invited on Andrew Judd's petition as part of a wider inquiry into the 2016 local body election. 

Maori wards could be set up  on every district council in New Zealand without requiring a public poll if Judd' petition, sponsored by the Maori Party, is adopted.


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