Demand the removal of Iwi Participation Agreements

Dr_Nick_Smith.jpgMinister for the Environment Dr Nick Smith and the National - Maori Party Coalition are planning to push changes that will undermine democracy and the Rule of Law through Parliament this week (13 March 2017).

The Resource Legislation Amendment Bill will oblige all local body authorities to enter "iwi participation agreements" with one or more iwi and hapu in their area. These agreements will enable tribes to fast-track their plans to become resource consenting authorities for the management and control of fresh water and other natural resources in their area.

The majority of New Zealanders oppose legislation granting special rights to a race based elite.

Please help us by emailing National Party MPs to demand the deletion of sections 58K - 58P of the Resource Legislation Amendment Bill. Tell them that New Zealand First has agreed to support amendments to remove the iwi participation agreements and remind them that you will not support National in the forthcoming election if they ignore us.

Click here for our list of MP's email addresses:

Email Dr Nick Smith

Email ACT MP David Seymour

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Petition to abolish Maori Statutory Board

David-Rankin-e1469439213806.jpg"The Maori Statutory Board has worked against the interests of Aucklanders, has cost rate-payers millions of dollars, and is an example of race-based politics.  Most of the Board's work has been focussed on bans: bans on people accessing Mt Eden; bans on people developing their own sections without paying a 'taniwha tax'; and bans on equal rights for all cultures.  The Board is anti-democratic and as an experiment, has failed.  We call for the Government to legislate to abolish the Maori Statutory Board".

Petition in the name of David Hone Heke Rankin, Nga Puhi

If you agree with David Rankin, please click here to sign his petition and ask your friends, family and colleagues to sign as well.


Hauraki Gulf co-governance proposals

maomao_fish125_177.jpgA report recommending co-governance of the Hauraki Gulf Marine Park was tabled at the Hauraki Gulf Forum meeting on Monday 20th February. If the report's recommendations are accepted, the committee governing the Hauraki Gulf marine park will, in future, comprise equal numbers of tribal trust appointees and other members representing the wider community. While five members will be appointed by the Minister of Conservation only three will directly represent the million or so inhabitants of Auckland, Thames-Coromandel and Hauraki. 

Under such arrangements, the interests of the wider community encompassing a broad range of interests (such as recreational fishers versus environmentalists) will almost always be subjugated to iwi interests, as tribal representatives (whose sole mandate is to represent narrow tribal self-interest) vote en-bloc. So called "co-governance" in practice amounts to tribal rule.


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Inquiry into Petition of Andrew Judd

andrew_judd.jpgPublic submissions are now being invited on Andrew Judd's petition as part of a wider inquiry into the 2016 local body election. 

Maori wards could be set up  on every district council in New Zealand without requiring a public poll if Judd' petition, sponsored by the Maori Party, is adopted.


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